Service and customer support


Zamech-Marine offers a range of services during newbuilding to insure that our equipment is installed onboard in the best possible way. During commissioning, we check that every aspect of the equipment has been installed according to specification. Interfaces to other systems are checked together with all basic functions. The system is tested at the harbor to be confirmed ready for sea trials.

Preventive Maintenance

To help you have full control of the equipment's lifecycle. Through condition-based maintenance we balance the cost of maintenance with the risk of failure. Whether it is at dry-docking or cargo operations, we offer maintenance services that will fit the vessel's schedule. Nobody can better help superintendents to prepare for specific service actions than the engineers who created and developed the systems themselves.

Site Surveys

When an expert opinion is required we provide for our customers a site survey. We present a summary of the status of the equipment, and recommended actions. This ensures that necessary resources and parts are made available on time for maintenance work. A site survey is recommended when there is a necessity to gather information on equipment. Based on the information gathered through the survey, we propose customized solutions for dry-docking.

On-call Services

We provide on-call services to help resolve unexpected equipment failure that requires performing immediate action onboard. A Zamech engineer will be dispatched to the vessel within a predefined, agreed time-frame to perform complex troubleshooting in order to restore the equipment. We are able to dispatch a service engineer anywhere in the world.

Spare Parts

Availability of factory certified spare parts is essential for smooth operation throughout the vessel's lifetime. Our spare parts department supplys world-wide by using air freight and express courier services. We can transport parts to the vessel within 24 hours – depending on the complexity of the part. We can even reconstruct equipment that was last manufactured decades ago from the original drawings. If applicable, our engineers will suggest updated and more efficient hardware with shorter delivery times in order to optimize the system and shorten the repair process.