Tunnel Thrusters

Tunnel Thrusters

Zamech Marine provides a complete range of tunnel thruster propulsion solutions for all sizes of sea-going vessels. Products and systems are based on Zamech's technology, unique material knowledge and extensive production experience.

Tunnel Thrusters with a power range from 100 kW to 4000 kW are optimized to meet individual requirements determined by the operational requirements of the vessel.

The family of CPT and FPT thrusters has been designed in order to achieve maximum thrust for a specific propeller diameter and guarantee maximum efficiency. .

CPT Tunnel Thrusters

Are equipped with controllable pitch propellers. The torque of the propulsion motor is transmitted by an elastic coupling and bevel-gear to the shaft on which the hub of the propeller is mounted.

FTP Tunnel Thrusters

Are equipped with fixed pitch propellers. The change of direction of the thrust is obtained by a change of rotation direction in the propulsion motor.