Controllable Pitch Propellers

Controllable Pitch Propellers

Zamech Marine manufactures controllable pitch propellers (CPP) with a power range up to 30,000 kW, and propeller diameters up to 8200 mm. The design of the propeller guarantees maximum efficiency with minimum vibrations and noise levels.

Blade design is tailored individually for each vessel based on modern hydro-dynamical theory, model tests at hydrodynamic institutes and long manufacturing experience.

Mechanical Design

The present version of Zamech Marine propeller equipment are called P and PH types:
  • P - type propeller with the servomotor and the oil supply unit arranged in the shafting
  • PH - type propeller with an integrated servo motor located in the back part of the hub.

A well-distributed range of different hub sizes makes it possible to select an optimum hub for any given combination of power, revolutions and ice class. The different hub sizes are in principle geometrically similar and incorporate a large servo piston diameter with low pressure and reaction forces and few components, while still maintaining a short overall installation length.